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Welcome to MY Boral - Boral Roofing's Customer Portal

Logon to Web Services

If you are already a registered My Boral user, choose Logon to:

  • Access Web GAC (Global Availability Check) to:
    • Check the Availability of specific products by part number across all Boral Roofing Plants
  • Access Web SOS (Sales Order Status) to:
    • Check the status of your order
    • Check the availability of a specific order
    • Make changes to your order, including:
      • Change your requested delivery date
      • Cancel line items or the whole order
      • Change the quantity on existing line items on your order (and see how much is available)
      • Add new line items to your order (and see how much is available)
      • Change your purchase order number
      • Change the delivery address
    • Retrieve documents for the order, including:
      • Signed delivery notes and invoices
      • Sales order confirmations on open orders
      • Images of your Purchase order if you faxed your order
  • Access Web DOE (Direct Order Entry) to:
    • Place an order at list price
    • Place an order with reference to a quote
    • Browse and place an order for Last Call products
    • Browse and place an order for Close-Out products
    • On all four order entry methods, you will be able to see how much product we have available.
  • Access Web DOD (Documents on Demand) to:
    • Request a Current Available Inventory Report
    • Request a sales order confirmation (or a day’s worth)
    • Request a sales order confirmation without price (or a day’s worth)
    • Request an open quote report
    • Request an open order report
    • Request an open pickup window report
    • Request copies of specific signed delivery notes (or a day's worth)
    • Request copies of invoices (or a day's worth)
  • Access Web SOE (Sample Order Entry) to:
    • Place a sample or literature order with Boral Roofing
  • Access Web PQM (Project Quote Maintenance) to:
    • Display Projects you will be using Boral products on
  • Access Web SOL (Statements on Line) to:
    • View open items on your statement and retrieve associated documents
  • Access Web CRS (Customer Reporting System) to:
    • View the Boral Customer OTIFIC performance cockpit. This report will show you how your business with Boral Roofing is being handled.
  • Access Web RHL (Reference Home Listing) to:
    • Find installed addresses with specific Boral Roofing products on them to go view in person.

Maintain Account Settings
If your account is already setup for My Boral and you are the ‘Super User’ on the account, you can choose this button to:

  • Maintain Users:
    • Update the employees in your company who are permitted to view status on orders, enter orders on your company’s behalf, and request certain documents.
  • Maintain Customer Output Preferences (COP):
    • This allows you to choose for your company, which Boral Roofing documents you want to get on a regular basis, how you want to receive them, and at what frequency.These documents include:
      • Current Available Inventory Report
      • Project / Quote Confirmation
      • Open Project / Quote Report
      • Sales Order Confirmation
      • Sales Order Confirmation (2) without Price
      • Sales Order Summary Report
      • Open Order Report
      • Open Pickup Window Report
      • Pickup Notification Report
      • Cancellation Warning Report
      • Lost Reservation Report
      • Cancellation Report
      • Delivery Note (1) without signature
      • Delivery Note (2) with driver’s signature
      • Invoice
      • Statement

If you are a customer of Boral Roofing, but have not registered for ongoing access to My Boral, click here to create an account.